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Best Rural Internet Service Modem In 2020

Rural Internet Service

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Product Description

Rural Internet Service

4G LTE WIFI Router Hotspot CAT4 300Mbps SIM Card. This modem will with almost any carrier. This modem cover all USA bands.

Rob, back with this great product just because I know you will like it once you see how good this modem works. Because I took the time and spent the money researching until I got the complete 4G LTE modem that will work on any carriers network.

Rural Internet Service

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Rural Internet Service

Rural Internet Service Modem Service Band’s

This Rural Internet Service Modem is just better because you get all of the bands. FDD LTE: B2 / B3 / B4 /B5 / B7 / B8 /B12/ B13/B17/ B20/B25/B26/ B28/B66 ;
TDD LTE: B41 (NARROW BAND) This band is for Verizon 4G LTE

Rural Internet Service


The device is a high-performance 4G broadband wireless router  that supports a maximum DL / UL rate of 150 / 300Mbps. Relying on 2 * 2 MIMO  technology, it can provide high-quality data communication and optimized WiFi  data transmission.

Rural Internet Service
Rural Internet Service

Diversified WIFI standards and encryption modes can ensure  the safety and stability of products.

With multiple working modes (from 4G to WIFI / from 4G to cable), rich  network protocols and reliable connections, it can be widely used in enterprises  and homes.

A 4G LTE Rural Internet Service Modem Th

Rural Internet Service


With regular restart and firewall protection. The built-in hardware  watchdog can effectively prevent the system from crashing during operation.

The  built-in dual firmware can automatically recover the abnormal startup system  caused by software upgrade failure or software.

Services you can use with this Rural Internet Service modem is like



Multi network interface design, can provide wired network for other  equipment.

The antenna can be rotated freely, and the receiving ability of multiple  antennas is good.

Plug in SIM card, transmit WIFI signal, easy to have network.
Say goodbye to the trouble of no net available, plug in the card and have  net anytime and anywhere.

I believe this  Rural Internet Service modem will work for you because of it’s ability to work on all the bands that is needed.

We Offer Support To Our Customers Anytime

For any reason if you need help with this modem setting it up. Once you take it out of the box. Put in the sim card and plug the power in the wall outlet. Once it comes on let it sit for a few mins. Then you  can plug it to your laptop by the internet cord.

You then will enter 192.168.l00.1 And that will take you to the login screen.

Feel free to email us or reach out to [email protected] if you like or have any problems with the modem.



3 reviews for Best Rural Internet Service Modem In 2020

  1. kaufen munchen

    Thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing

  2. Ashley Smith

    Thanks so much for the post. Really thank you! Great product I really like this thanks cable smashers Getting about 20 mps with this router works great with catv.

  3. Kim Samoilov

    Thanks for the article post. I am getting great speed for my kids to be able to do their homework thank for helping. Great deal for the price. I’m getting about 27 Mps download speed I have seen it at 35

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